Very Good

Scoring based on real reviews written by our clients after their stay

  • Cleaning 6.4
  • Location 6.8
  • Services 6.9
  • Staff 6.5
  • Price 7.5
  • 1.0 Bad

    Чистка очень плохая. Пища не типичная турецкая, а не безвкусная, вневременная, небрежная, ориентированная на Россию. Официанты и официанты жалели, что они действительно сделали все возможное. Дискотека отеля слишком громкая. Сон ...View more

    Russia 23/07/2018

  • 10.0 Excellent

    One of the most amazing holiday experienced I have had yet. Definetly worth coming back. Really delicious food, the friendliest staff I have ever seen and so much activities for ...View more

    UK 04/04/2016

  • 5.0 Acceptable

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    JeffreyFut 03/02/2019

  • 3.0 Bad

    This is may depend from implementation front-rank equipment park,technology,equipment,algorithm,cleaning,methods,equipment,components,mechanisms and industrial equipment, specialized detergents and cleaning funds and also beautiful organization work ...View more

    SCGrouch 26/12/2018

  • 5.0 Acceptable

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    SAMautheKs 24/12/2018

  • 5.0 Acceptable

    Hello friends. My name is John. I like to travel. Travelling is my hobby. Most of all I prefer to travel by air. It's more comfortable, more convenient and ...View more

    RogerJer 19/10/2018