• Transaction Guide

    Here are the steps that you should follow while purchasing accommodation services from our website:

    1 –Date Selection

    You can select check-in/check-out dates, number of persons through the search bar or reservation button located on the homepage. You can view the available room types for the selected dates.

    2 - Room Display

    After the selecting the most suitable room type for you, you can access detailed information from Room Properties and Cancellation Conditions tabs. You can view different room types, different options with All-Inclusive or Full-Board Plus concepts. You can select the suitable room type and concept for you and then proceed to the purchasing step. You can start your purchasing process by selecting one of the Only Hotel or Hotel +Transfer (if available for the dates you’ve selected) options.

    3- Purchasing

    To purchase accommodation, you can click the Book button on the same menu and start your purchasing process. Accommodation fees may vary depending on the concept differences like All-Inclusive or Half-Board. You can continue your transaction by selecting the suitable room type and concept for you. 

    4- Information About the Guests to Stay

    You can continue your transaction with personal information screen. After entering the name, surname, T.R. Identity number for stays over TRY 500, date of birth, and after selecting your transfer option, if any, you can continue your transaction.


    You need the enter the required information in this field and fill out the contact information of the relevant contact person. The invoice for your transaction will be issued in the name of the declared person and will be sent according to the contact information provided. If you want the invoice to be issued in the name of a person or an institution other than the contact person given in the form or to be sent to another contact address, check the ‘’I want to enter my Invoice information’’ box and fill out the required fields such as Name-Surname or Title, Address, Country, city, District, Tax Office and Tax Number and contact information.
    After reading the related service agreement by clicking on the Service Agreement field, you can continue the purchasing process by selecting "I have read and accept the Service Agreement." option and clicking the continue button. If you agree to receive information about deals and campaigns through your contact information you have provided, you can mark the option "I want to be informed about deals and campaigns" and proceed to the purchasing process with continue button.

    5- Payment

    1) Payment with Credit Card

    If you will pay with credit card, select the credit card you’re using from the list, select the suitable one from the Lump Sum or Instalments options and continue the transaction by clicking the continue button. After selecting the credit card you’re using from the list, enter the name-surname, T.R. Identity number, date of birth, check-in/check-out dates and transportation information and check the accuracy of the information by clicking the continue button. In case of any error in the information, click the change button to return back to the previous screen and edit the information. If the information you’ve provided are correct, you can enter Name on the Credit Card, Credit Card Number, CVV 2, Expiration Date of Credit Card on the Payment for Accommodation section located at the bottom of the page and after clicking Secure Payment with Credit Card button, you can complete your purchasing transaction. As the booking system of Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. is used during the reservation, your payment transaction will be processed with this name on the statement of account for payments made with credit card. Your invoice will be sent to your e-mail address after you’ve received the service and completed the accommodation. You can contact our call centre for any questions and problems regarding your reservation.

    2) Payment with Wire Transfer

    If you will pay with wire transfer, you can contact our call centre and receive the bank account numbers information of the property and after sending the reservation fee via EFT or wire transfer, send the transaction receipt to the e-mail address of the property. As the booking system of Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. is used during the reservation, the account holder will be in this name.

    Change and Cancellation Request After Sale

    You can call our call centre for detailed information and submit your requests for any transactions (cancellation, return, change, additional service purchase) you want to make about the products and services you have purchased through the website.

    6- Reservation Documents

    Your reservation document will be sent to the e-mail address you’ve entered. In case you don’t receive the documents, you can contact our call centre between 09.00 am – 12.00 am to seek support.

    7- In Case of an Error in Data Entry

    You can view summary info before completing the reservation so that you can check if you made a mistake while entering information about the reservation. If you cannot be contacted due to errors in your data entry, your service may be cancelled. You can change your contact information by returning back to the previous steps when you notice that this summary info field incorrectly entered contact information.

    8- Privacy Policy On Your Personal Data

    You can access the detailed information regarding this issue from http://tuiblueseno.hotelagent.com/kisisel-verilerin-korunmasi-ve-gizlilik-politikasi

    9- In Case of Disputes

    You can get support from our call centre before your stay and from guest relations or front desk departments of our hotel during your stay. You can use your legal rights before the consumer arbitral committee/consumer courts.

    10- Withdrawal and Termination

    You do not have the right to use the right of withdrawal within 14 days as defined in Article 9 of the Regulation referred to as the exemption from the right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 15 (1) (g) of the Regulation on Distance Contract you have purchased. Apart from this, your cancellation, refund and change requests will be evaluated according to the service and concept you prefer, as specified at the time of your choice.