• AQI Pegasos world, which welcomes its guests in the Side resort of Manavgat, the famous resort of Antalya with its unique nature, is one of the most admired members of the TT Hotels family. AQI Pegasos World, located in Titreyengol, is one of the facilities with the widest water surface in Antalya with an outdoor pool of 9,600 square meters and 13 water slides of 7,500 square meters.

    Standing out with its wide green areas and long beach, AQI Pegasos World welcomes its guests with a 4-star hotel concept in an area of 169,000 square meters. The facility, which started to serve in 2002, was completely renovated in the 2018 season. With its all- inclusive concept, AQI Pegasos World offers its guests a feast of taste with rich meals and unique bars throughout the day.

    Offering comfortable rooms, rich activity options and SPA facilities that make guests of all ages happy, AQI Pegasos World also offers a meeting room that adds comfort to your business meetings.

    Welcoming its guests in Titreyengol, AQI Pegasos World is located 5 km from Manavgat centre, 6 km from Side centre and 70 km from Antalya Airport. The facility is easily accessible by public transportation vehicles and taxis that pass near the facility every 15 minutes on average.