• Peace, fun and comfort met at TUI BLUE Tropical!

    TUI BLUE Tropical, which brings together comfort and peace with family entertainment in Dalaman, Mugla, has been offering its guests unforgettable summer holidays since 2005. Renovated in 2015, the property is located on an area of 198,000 m². The property, which has 500 rooms, has a capacity of 1500 guests. The property serves in the category of 4-star hotel.

    Standing out with its seafront location in Dalaman, Sarigerme, TUI BLUE Tropical's 400-meter-long pebble-sand mixed beach property awaits those who want to enjoy the summer with its lake-type pools. The resort offers 2 water slides for adults as well as 3 water slides for children. Besides the main pool with water slides for adults, there is a relax pool and an indoor pool in the property. For child guests, there is an outdoor pool with water slides and an indoor pool.

    TUI BLUE Tropical brings its guests together with banquet tables with 4 separate a la carte restaurants and main restaurant offering unique tastes in the tempting atmosphere of the Aegean. You can try refreshing flavours in the bars where rich snacks and refreshing drinks are served all day long in the property, which serves with its all-inclusive concept.

    Offering a rich selection of activities for both children and adults, TUI BLUE Tropical offers a holiday opportunity for all ages and tastes. Take your place in the TUI BLUE Tropical to experience comfort and happiness at the same time in the deep blues of the Aegean and collect unforgettable memories during your holiday.


    • Precautions Taken During Entry to the Property;

    • The temperature of everyone entering the property will be measured, and accordingly, people with high fever will not be allowed to enter the property.

    • All personnel in the property will wear masks.

    • Safe social distance rule will be followed in the property. There will be necessary directions, barriers and personnel to maintain social distance, so that a quick and comfortable check-in will be realized with as little contact as possible.

    • Bellboys will be available to assist with taking luggage to the rooms if guests need it.

    • · Room keys will already be disinfected.

    • Guests can easily access information about the program through the reception, the mobile application (in existing facilities) and also the information channels in the rooms.

    • · Guests can communicate with the staff through the property's mobile application, WhatsApp or call centres.

    • · By reducing the number of seats in the lobby and reception, close contact between people will be eliminated.

    • In case guests want to go to their rooms or other areas within the property via clubs or golf carts, the seating area in the vehicles may be limited. In this case, guests can provide transportation alone or only together with their family / group. The same regulations will also apply to elevators.

    Health Measures Taken for the Rooms;


    · Cushions, bedspreads, etc. Items have been removed from the rooms.

    · All cleaning personnel will wear gloves, masks and aprons. On room cleaning and disinfection, especially in contact with hands frequently, tap heads, electrical switches, door handles, siphon button, remote control, telephone and so on. areas are sensitive to disinfection.

    · Rooms will be well ventilated during cleaning and will be left empty for at least 12 hours before guests enter.

    Towels and bed linen in the rooms will be washed at high temperature, clean, disinfected and hygienically transferred to the rooms. Furniture will be cleaned extra with high steam.

    · If guests who do not want to have their room cleaned every day inform the property, the cleaning plan can be arranged in accordance with the guest's request. 

    Measures Taken for General Areas;
    · Elevator buttons, handrails, toilets, faucet heads, light switches, furniture, etc. in general areas where human contact is intense throughout the property. places will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

    There will be hand disinfectants for the use of guests and staff throughout the property.

    Air conditioning systems will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. 

    Measures Taken for Restaurants and Bars

    · Facilities are operated in accordance with ISO 22000 Quality System Standards.

    The fact that the property rooms will not be occupied at full capacity will help establish a safe physical contact distance in restaurants and bars.

    · There will be a reservation system in restaurants. Thus, over-capacity usage will not be possible,

    · Social distance between guests will be maintained by keeping the distance between tables and chairs.

    · Self-service kiosks will not be available. In order to avoid hand contact in the buffets, the staff will serve the guests and also, food allergies, etc. They will also be able to provide the necessary guidance to the guests on the issues.

    · Condiments such as salt, pepper and sugar will be served in single-use packages.

    · Tables will be cleaned and disinfected after each use (cloth tablecloths and napkins will not be used). All plates, glasses and cutlery will be washed in the dishwasher at high temperatures and clean cutlery will be placed in packages. Disposable plates and cutlery will be used in open areas.

    Restaurants and furniture will be regularly disinfected and kept clean at all times.

    With regard to food hygiene, suppliers are also controlled to comply with the high standards set by the property.

    · Both food and water samples are regularly taken and microbiologically tested at the property.

    Measures Taken for Beaches and Swimming Pools;

    ·Sunbeds will be regularly cleaned and disinfected, and will be arranged in accordance with the social distance rule.

    · Pools and pool water are always kept clean. The chemical levels in the pool water are kept at the level determined by the authorities. 

    Precautions Taken in Entertainment Areas;
    · Activities for adults and children will be organized with certain capacities and safe social distancing. Accordingly, pre-reservations will be required for events.

    · All equipment and spaces in entertainment areas will be disinfected.

    · By paying attention to safe social distance, one-on-one games and activities will be organized and many activities will be carried out in the open area.

    SPA and Coiffeur Applications;
    · Access to these areas within the property will be limited. Within the scope of protecting social distance, SPA, hairdresser, etc. services will be carried out through the reservation system.

    · Relevant areas and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
    Health Measures Taken for Employees;
    · Necessary trainings have been organized for all personnel, including the shops and SPAs within the property.

    · Staff should wash their hands regularly, follow social distance rules, wear masks and, when necessary, wear protective clothing.

    · Staff is fully aware of all rising standards.

    · All areas, including areas not used by guests, are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

    · Staff have a growing awareness of Covid-19 disease and know that if they feel unwell, they need to see a doctor or nurse.