• Welcome to TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye

    TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye is a subsidiary company of TUI, one of the leading tourism companies in the world, that operated in Türkiye in the field of hotel management.

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    With its head office in Antalya, TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye carries out its activities with a total of 16 hotels under the name of TUI Blue, TUI Magic Life, Holiday Villages and AQI Hotels.

    Adopting the understanding of a tailor-made holiday for everyone with its enriched concepts and tourism experience for over 30 years, TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye is an important representative of Turkish hospitality with its understanding of sustainable tourism, reliability and service and quality mentality that distinguish it from its competitors.

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  • We are proud to have been awarded the "A Great Workplace Certificate" as a result of the employee survey conducted by Great Place to Work®, an independent research group. Since 2010, we continue to maintain and develop our corporate culture, which is based on human-oriented and sustainable policies, in our 16 facilities, located in Antalya and Muğla regions. Our employees' confirmation of this as a result of the survey has been an indication that we are getting closer to our goals together.

    We know that our employees make great efforts in all steps of our corporate culture, in the formation of guest satisfaction, and in all our achievements. Making them feel that they are a part of TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye and ensuring their satisfaction will always continue to be our priority. With this certificate; We are very happy to report that our work will continue to increase our standards and to reach our goals!


  • We put into practice many social responsibility projects within the frame of sustainability and protection of environment, nature and education by encouraging the positive impacts of tourism on people and regions in Turkey as well as in the whole world, under the roof of TUI.

    As Top Management we undertake to:
    Continuously improve the effectiveness and productivity of our Management Systems, provide customer satisfaction with a responsible, honest, principled understanding and professional management,

    Always protect and enhance the reputation of our company that operates in accommodation sector,
    Offer the service that will meet the customer expectations today and in future by following the developments in the sector closely,
    Work efficiently without compromising the quality,
    Create value within the frame of management systems we apply at our properties mutually with our local suppliers based on a win-win understanding,

    Take a primary role in prioritizing the sustainability and raising awareness among the guests and local people, particularly our employees, with an understanding of social responsibility brought by our brand and take and implement decisions in this sense,
    Keep under control the processes from the field to the tables in the services and products we provide by establishing the appropriate infrastructure to ensure that Food Safety Management System is applied effectively within the scope of national and international legislations and Food Safety Management standard,

    Follow the requirements of current International and National Legislations and Environmental Management Systems standard,
    Minimize the pollution to occur as a result of these activities,
    Follow and implement technological developments to ensure the correct use of natural resources,

    Share the works we conduct to protect the environment with our employees, guests, suppliers and the public,
    Set objectives to ensure constant improvement and do necessary researches, projects and implementations on principles of protection of biodiversity and efficient use of energy,

    Minimize any kind of negativities considering the health and job security of our employees and customers, show ultimate and continuous effort to provide equality of opportunity to all employees and prevent language, religion, race and gender discrimination,
    Constantly provide trainings to our employees considering their satisfaction and participation.

  • TUI Care Foundations

    Founded by TUI and headquartered in the Netherlands, TUI Care Foundation was established on the idea and potential of tourism as a useful force to ​​initiate and support partnerships and projects to contribute to emerging destinations around the world.
    With this organization which we bring the vacationists together with good reasons, we promote education, welfare of children and young people, protection of nature and environment and positive effects of tourism on people and regions all around the world.

    With TUI Care Foundation, we aim to create meaningful and lasting impacts by establishing partnerships with local and international organizations and making it easier for vacationists to contribute to good causes and make a difference in their holiday routes.

    Flavours from Field Project

    One of our important studies in the field of social responsibility, Flavours from Field Project aims to increase rural income by sharing value with communities and helping local producers to supply the tourism sector.
    We encourage tourism enterprises to purchase local products with this project through which we will provide necessary training and support to ensure that local producers produce products that will appeal to the hotels, restaurants and customers.

    As TUI Hotels & Resorts Türkiye, we support local producers by purchasing products and services from local companies. At the same time, we contribute to our Flavours from Field project by using the products (such as red pepper, mint, dried vegetables and fruits) that we grow in our gardens at the property in our kitchens during the season.

    TUI Clean Up Campaign Event

    We perform zone cleaning inside and outside of the property through TUI Clean Up Campaign event two times a week in our all hotels with the hotel staff and volunteer guests. With this event, we contribute to the awareness of our guests, local people and property employees.

    Awareness Activities with Mini Club Guests

    Our Mini Club staff regularly organizes many activities with our little guests. We contribute to the awareness of our little guests on nature and environmental issues through activities such as plant irrigation, planting seedlings, planting flowers, hand painting, breeding wheat, bio-garden trip and plant introduction and painting with environmental themes prepared from waste materials.

    Blue Flag

    Our every hotel has Blue Flag Award. Blue Flag Hanging Ceremonies are held every season with the participation of our guests.

    At TT Hotels Turkey, we create Green Team groups and organize environmental and sustainability activities during the season. Our new-brand hotels, TUI MAGIC LIFE Bodrum, TUI BLUE Grand Azur, TUI MAGIC LIFE Deep Blue and TUI BLUE Seno perform their activities in compliance with the concept of TT Hotels Türkiye. Furthermore, our hotel gives importance to Zero Waste Regulation and feature sufficient number of waste sorting stations, information boards about how long it will take for the waste to disappear and environmental boards.

    Some of the Environmental and Sustainability Activities

    • On 09.10.2019, TUI's first TUI Plastic Reduction Seminar about Plastic Reduction was held at TUI Magic Life Sarigerme with all TUI's employees.

    • Each hotel minimizes the use of plastic bottles, glasses, straws, stirrer sticks etc. and conduct evaluation studies. In order to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and glasses in our hotels, water dispensers have been placed in the guest areas and staff areas, by using waste plastic bottles, a flower tub has been made and a green environmental corner has been created.

    • The 5th June World Environment Day is celebrated at each of our hotels and environmental activities such as zone cleaning, tree planting are carried out and sea bottom cleaning is performed with divers and lifeguards at the hotels featuring diving schools.

    • At TUI BLUE Pascha Bay Hotel, spawning grounds on the beach were taken under protection in order to draw attention to the endangered loggerhead sea turtles and to eliminate the damage to them. The baby sea turtles hatched from the eggs were delivered to the sea.